Orange Art Association

By Laws Page 2



The annual meeting of Orange Art Association shall be June of next year.


Term of office of the Board of Directors is January through December.


Dues shall be $25.00 per fiscal year.


Life Membership: A 'Life Member' is a past president who is not required to pay dues and will have all the rights of a regular member.  A 'Life Member' is also a Hall of Fame winner.


A nominating committee of two (2) or more members will be appointed at the April membership meeting, the slate of officers presented and voted on at the May meeting, and installation of the elected officers will be at the June meeting.


The fiscal year of Orange Art Association shall be the calendar year.


Checks, drafts, and other indebtedness of Orange Art Association shall be signed by the Treasurer or the Assistant Treasurer and countersigned by the President or the Vice President.


Last approved March 3, 2005, by the Orange Art Association Board of Directors.